Our Story

I am Dr. Tamazur Karim, a Medical Doctor who has chosen to serve patients holistically.

People have the unending capacity to heal, cope, and change their lives even through life’s most difficult challenges. It is common to feel alone, isolated, and hopeless when a health condition becomes chronic, or when a crisis hits you, or when a loved one leaves you. I have a passion for helping individuals cope and find peace during challenging situations. I use integrative therapeutic practices, including evidence-based psychotherapy, to meet each individual where they are in life. I take a holistic approach to consider the mind-body interaction and utilize techniques such as clinical hypnosis and mindfulness to help individuals reduce stress, manage chronic pain, treat depression and anxiety.

I have rewarding training experience in Hospitals and Health Care. I came to USA with the dream of serving my patients a little more. Hence, I got my master’s in Health psychology, worked for about 6 years in the field of counseling and Biofeedback in the state of CT. I have spent my career helping individuals from all identities, ability statuses, and walks of life to increase their well-being and live valued lives. I’m culturally diverse. Having a south Asian background and being an immigrant in USA, I’m aware of the stresses faced by racial, gender and sexual minorities in USA. It would be an honor for me to join you on your wellness journey.

Our Story

Physical symptoms of various kinds of ailments are strongly associated with mental and emotional turbulences, which are not taken into consideration by traditional medicine, but here at The Calm Planet we work on emotional and mental wellbeing resulting in the healing of physical symptoms.

Mental health disease such as anxiety and depression are a major problem of human beings in modern day society. Hence, we have designed this to provide psychosocial counseling in combination with drug treatments and cognitive behavioral therapy.

“We live in a world, where not everybody can be famous, but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service”

Martin Luther King Jr.

You only live once so let's make it Happen

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