Grief Counselling

We specialise in grief management. Let your grief transform into empathy for yourself and others. losing a loved one is hard; it can come with guilt and dread.
Let us help you row your boat

Grief is not limited to feelings of sadness. It can also involve guilt, yearning, anger, and regret. Emotions are often surprising in their strength or mildness they can also be confusing. One person may find themselves grieving a painful relationship. Another may mourn a loved one who died from cancer and yet feel relief that the person is no longer suffering.

People in grief can bounce between different thoughts as they make sense of their loss. Thoughts can range from soothing (“They had a good life.”) to troubling (“It wasn’t their time.”). People may assign themselves varying levels of responsibility, from “There was nothing I could have done,” to “It’s all my fault.”

If you are suffering from grief, you are not alone.

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