How To Improve Your Social Skills?

One of the things that teenagers and young adults look forward to is a booming social life full of parties, going out with friends, and having fun. But as they get to the age of going out, they find themselves struggling to handle them and get tired easily. At The Calm Planet, we are very concerned with the failing social skills in our youngsters and are constantly trying to provide solutions for them. This article is a guide for anyone struggling to cope with their social life and wants to know if they have to change up their social skills

Why Are Your Social Skills Struggling?

Many reasons may contribute to you struggling with interacting and enjoying a fulfilling social life like others around you. You could be simply an introvert and not have the mental and physical capability to be able to interact with people for a long amount of time. It can also be due to internal insecurities that may have been given to individuals in their childhood. Unlike more practical and larger things we are taught in childhood, more often than not parents do not teach us how to handle situations and interact with people. These overlooked teachings may become one of our most discerning qualities and demean us in front of a larger group of people. Social ineptness is also a result of mental health issues like depression or anxiety.

How To Improve Your Social Skills?

If you find yourself stumped, disinterested, and uncomfortable in larger social settings, and cannot handle conflicts, you may need to relearn all your social skills. These strategies can help you interact better and manage your emotions in a better way:

Understand the perspective of the other person by putting yourself in their shoes, and take note of the emotions they might be feeling. This is a great way to understand the next possible reactions and answers that may be appropriate in the situation.

Understand the perspective of your own emotions. The consideration of your own emotions, feelings, and triggers. This can make it easier for individuals to control their emotions and interact with others properly.

Use body language and tactics that show the other person that you are listening to them and attentive. This opens doors to more communication and understanding.

One of the easiest strategies you can use is asking open-ended questions. People tend to talk about themselves and enjoy receiving the opportunity to open up. Asking questions and encouraging them to talk about themselves can help you communicate without having to do a lot of talking. 

It is normal human psychology to like people who are polite and give compliments. Tell others that they look good, you enjoy their company and always include words like “please” and “thank you” to soften your words and appear courteous.

In stressful situations, it is very easy to let emotions take control. Instead of letting your thoughts and emotions get the best of you, take a deep breath, and try your best to get relaxed and think objectively.

Try to not get agitated if you cannot make any progress, and start small. Start by spending a bit of time in a coffee shop or brunch, then extend to longer outings and parties.

Enhance Your Social Skills With The Calm Planet

As you start to implement these strategies into your daily life, you will find yourself enjoying a better and more fulfilling, social life. With The Calm Planet, individuals can get a better understanding of their underlying issues, and find strategies and tactics to solve them.